I am a Brand


What can ZöTok do for me?

ZöTok allows you to communicate with all your customers and team members on a single mobile first system. It allows you to bring all your business conversations like orders, payments, schemes, campaigns, ledger etc, on an integrated WhatsApp like platform.

Order to Cash Automation

ZöTok empowers distributors and field teams with a digital ordering platform accessible via mobile app, email, ERP integration, Excel, and AI-driven WhatsApp ordering. Seamlessly integrating with ERP systems like SAP, Salesforce, and others, ZöTok streamlines communication for orders, invoices, dispatch, payments, and marketing via ZoAI. Distributors can also leverage WhatsApp for order management, while the ZöTok app aids field sales with scheme SKUs, promotions, and credit limit visibility.

Ledger & Low Touch Collection​s

ZöTok can use ZöAI- the bot – for end to end payment cycle including sending payment links, automated payment reminders, digital payment collection, confirmation of payment receipts, ledger reconciliation etc. ​The ZöAI bot can share ledgers and respond to basic ledger related queries in terms of reconciliation and follow up. ​ZöTok provides credit limit indicators and configurable cashflow dashboards to manage the receivables efficiently.

Channel Marketing

ZöTok is key communication channel for targeted or segment based distributor and retailer groups. You can send promotions, schemes, new launches and product education content easily to the target groups. ​ZöTok can allow contextual messaging within the WhatsApp channel as well as fixed branding assets within the ZöTok App for direct messaging to the network​​. ZöTok can be leveraged to drive network engagement of distributors and retailers through community activities and gamification – rewarded through ZöPs​.

Field Force Collaboration

ZöTok can recreate my sales and fulfilment team structure with tailored data access and encourage real-time, data-driven collaboration among my central, finance, and fulfilment teams. ZöTok can set up separate channels for each business function and automate data transmission to these channels. It tracks all customer communication, reducing the need for unorganized follow-ups and numerous WhatsApp groups.

Secondary Sales Visibility

ZöTok is the best solution for gathering secondary sales data. Compared to proprietary DMS or ordering apps, it's more effective and efficient. Multi-principal distributors often rely on emails and WhatsApp for ordering because they don't adopt separate apps for each principal. ZöTok enables retailers or field sales force keep using WhatsApp to order from the distributor. At the same time, it creates top-notch secondary sales data, including orders, invoices, and payments, categorized by different types of retailers. ZöTok's rollout for the distributor to retailer (D2R) network is smooth as it uses WhatsApp CX. However, it will require brand support such as education, marketing, and cashback incentives to encourage retailer adoption.