Unified app ecosystem to foster an active and engaged B2B network for conversational commerce

  • ZöCommerce

    Deliver unified commerce at scale.

    ZöCommerce order-to-cash includes app-based orders, ERP invoice integration, and comprehensive collections, supported by strategic marketing for effective sales boost.

  • ZöPay

    Multi-modal In-App payment system.

    ZöPay is a multi modal digital payment option supporting all payment instruments including cash and cheque. The product offers a 3P BNPL products to targeted buyers thereby increasing working capital leverage

  • ZöPs

    All that you deserve and much more.

    ZöPs is an in-app micro currency funded by advertisers that rewards users for engaging on multiple ZöTok use cases. ZöPs nudges the customer settlement, gamifies use cases and drives network loyalty

  • ZöCampaigns

    Targeted brand campaigns for buyer-cohort analytics.

    ZöCampaigns is a targeted marketing communication and paid promotions platform for upselling or cross selling products across the entire supplychain. Its serves an gamified alternative to static and undifferentiated bulk messages with zero effectiveness traceability

  • ZöNet

    Connects Distributor to Retailer Network & Collaboration Community.

    ZöNet builds online business communities around local interest groups fostering discussions on industry-related topics, influencing marketing and network discovery

  • ZöExchange

    Leveraging Secondary Sales Data Lake with Simple Query Language.

    ZöExchange is a data lake of all secondary sales, orders, invoice, payments data between distributors and retailers, facilitating transactional data sharing with their brands. The data can be queried on ZöExchange basis specific access given by the distributors

ZöAI is a GenAI supply chain bot to speed up your business conversations

Skip manual routine tasks. Focus on sales

Use AI for Standard informational replies

Send Automatic price list, ldeger, invoices etc.

Morning business briefing with ZöAI

The ZöAI bot automates routine activites through Generative AI conversations

Use ZöAI as your GenAi office assistant

The ZöAI bot automates routine activities through Generative AI conversation