I am a Distributor


What can ZöTok do for me?

ZöTok changes how distributors interact with brands and retailers. Its a simple mobile first mobile first communication platform that links you to many principals in one system. It digitizes all your tasks like orders, ledger reconciliation, returns, and schemes, cutting down on manual work and costs. It also connects you with your retail network, allowing you to receive orders via WhatsApp and run targeted campaigns for business growth.

How does ZöTok help me in processing orders?

ZöTok simplifies order processing by an order of magnitude. ZöTok organized all orders on WhatsApp messages, voice notes, handwritten notes, CSV or images from your customers or field sales centrally with automated quotations, communication and confirmations.

I have problem with payment collections. How can you help?

ZöTok can provide widest and intelligent payment options for your customers. ZöTok supports all payment methods including Cash, Cheque and Pay Later which can be automatically reconciled and updated in the ledger.

I spend hours reconciling bank statements. Can you help?

Most distributors receive payments either in-full or in parts through multiple payment modes, including direct payments or filed force collections. ZöTok analyses payment details and generates instant reconciliation reports using generative AI

How can ZöTok help my marketing effectively?

ZöTok can run targeted campaigns to specific customer groups by sending new product updates, schemes and offers via WhatsApp chat using predefined templates. ZöTok can help execute scheduled campaign, personalised marketing communication and track campaign effectiveness.