Know Us

Our Vision

To be the default

channel of communication

across distribution supply chains globally

Our Mission

To be the most loved

network for distributors,

by making each message count

ZöTok Leadership Principles

The Rainforest

  • We are building the Zötok 'Rainforest'.
  • Our business is connecting business conversations.
  • These conversations do their business on their own.
  • We bring the strength of the Forest to the Tree.
  • Learn, Innovate and Grow with the Rainforest.

We exist only because the User wants us

  • Each User is precious.
  • Even if she isn't a customer.
  • User Breadth is Glorious.
  • User Depth is Profound.
  • User Evangelism is Divine.
User Wants

Stay Humble. Stay Relentless.

  • Zero is a great number
  • We don't know. We are curious. We will listen.
  • We will experiment. We will make mistakes. We will learn.
  • Keep moving. Enjoy the trek, not the peak.
  • Make every day, every week, every month count.
Stay Humble

There is always a Level Up.

  • Mediocrity is a vicious cycle. Raise the bar to delight.
  • An email, a code, a social post - all showcase you.
  • Never ship it out, if you aren't proud of it.
  • Begin the task by asking - what's the level up.
  • A single 'Wow' trumps a hundred 'good job'.
Level Up

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.

  • Know your individual goals. Never miss a goal.
  • Earn trust by delivering on goals.
  • Good news can take the stairs.
  • Bad news should take the elevator.
  • Consistency sustains customer delight.

Why do we exist?

Over $1 tn of General Trade, going through Brands-Distributors-Retailers, is happening on In-person visits, phone calls, emails and WhatsApp.

ZöTok is converting these WhatsApp/email/ voice/ image based unstructured orders, invoices, payments etc. into structured data linked directly with the seller's ERP.

This brings the Seller's team, Distributors and retailers into a single integrated chat platform thus streamlining orders, timely payments, dynamic marketing campaigns etc. leading to significant turnover growth.

Product Framework

ZöTok aims to be the default channel of the communications across the supply chain globally .

The flagship zocommerce product is India's first network crm which drives the core flywheel of order to cash lifecycle across brands, distributors and retailers. ZöTok converts unstructured data (like text messages, invoices, and images) into organized information that connects directly to a seller's ERP system. This sets up a unified chat platform for sellers, distributors, and retailers, making order processing, payments and marketing communications

ZöTok is a single system of communication integrating with various systems of transactions and system of records without making any representation on the accuracy of the transactions or records . To achieve this ZöTok relies on ML-based integration layers with varied ERPs DMSs, SFAs, CRMs and all other business technologies in the supply chain.

This flywheel is accelerated through host of AI /Data driven products thereby deepening the user engagement and building adjacent revenue streams

ZöPs Is an in-app micro currency funded by advertisers that rewards users for engaging on multiple ZöTok use cases. ZöPs nudges the customer settlement, gamifies use cases and drives network loyalty

ZöAI Is a GenAI supply chain bot, that presents transactional data, business insights and workflow reminders in myriad contextual business use cases. The supply chain actors prefer a conversational query format over complex graphs and BI tools.

ZöCampaigns is a targeted marketing communication and paid promotions platform for upselling or cross selling products across the entire supplychain. Its serves an gamified alternative to static and undifferentiated bulk messages with zero effectiveness traceability

ZöPay is a multi modal digital payment option supporting all payment instruments including cash and cheque. The product offers a 3P BNPL products to targeted buyers thereby increasing working capital leverage

ZöNet builds online business communities around local interest groups fostering discussions on industry-related topics, influencing marketing and network discovery

ZöExchange is a data lake of all secondary sales, orders, invoice, payments data between distributors and retailers, facilitating transactional data sharing with their brands. The data can be queried on ZöExchange basis specific access given by the distributors



Vishal Ranjan • CEO and Co-Founder

4X Entrepreneur, Ex-Kearney, Rank holder @IITD & IIMC, Rewards leader @ Amazon Pay.

Cofounded his first firm in 2007 in Healthcare ERP space, sold it to Virinchi a BSE listed firm in 2013. Led Virinchi to 8X Revenue & 15x MarCap growth in 5 yrs as a 3-ppl-leadership team. Built & exited IT Services business in US, a 600 bed multi-specialty hospital chain and vCard - India's first UPI Credit Card. Led Amazon Pay Rewards Product & GTM until 2023.

Nitin Padmawar • CTO and Co-Founder

CTO@ Martjack, commerce tech-preneur 200,000 MAU - engineering product-led growth.

Experienced founder and technical leader skilled in scaling SAAS platforms over 3 large ventures. The OG Geek@Github over past 25 years - architecting large scale business solutions in eCommerce. Data Science Leader @ ISB with active projects on Deep learning and Generative AI


Girish Kasliwal • COO and Co-Founder

COO@ Martjack sold to Capillary CRM. Grew biz 3X post acquisition with end-to-end deliveries for HUL/Walmart etc.

Co-founded and scaled three startups, achieving successful exits. Skilled in selling and implementing scalable business solutions. Cross-functional business operations expert with deep-family ties in traditional General Trade businesses. The Best Closer in Town.

Hear from the ZöBuilders

“Working at ZöTok allows me to be part of an ever-evolving and innovative industry. It's a great feeling to know that my work is helping shape the future and that I'm able to make a real difference.”


Alekhya Bandaru

Sr. Business Analyst

“The dynamic and forward-thinking culture at ZöTok is unparalleled. With a focus on AI-driven innovation, we're not just building products; we're shaping the future of the supply chain ecosystem with India's first AI-powered network CRM. Being part of this ambitious team is both challenging and incredibly exciting”


Gopal Vinnamala

VP Apps & Engineering

“ZöTok is a playground for creative minds. We're empowered to think outside the box, always keeping the user at the forefront of our designs. With an unwavering focus on exceptional user experiences, we are encouraged to deliver best-in-class product designs that truly resonate with users.”


Bala Arun Mallavarapu

Priniciple UX Engineer


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  • Sayantan Lahiri

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  • Shyamprasad Bhat

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