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Join us on an exciting journey as we transform Conversational Commerce in India and globally! Zötok is leading the way with India's 1st Network CRM powered by Generative AI on WhatsApp. Imagine tapping into over $1 trillion in General Trade potential, revolutionizing how Brands, Distributors, and Retailers connect and transact. What makes us unique? Our ability to convert unstructured data into actionable insights, streamlining communication and operations across the supply chain. Our goal is clear: to become the go-to global communication platform and the preferred network for distributors. At Zötok, we live by principles like 'The Rainforest' ethos, where user success is our success. We are humble yet relentless in pursuing excellence, always striving for innovation and consistency. If you're passionate about reshaping commerce, driving efficiency, and making a real impact, join our dynamic team. Let's make every message count together!"

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Software Engineer - Backend

Hyderabad - Experience : 2 - 6years

Sales Executive / Senior Sales Executive

Hyderabad, Bangalore, Maharashtra, Gujarat

Software Engineer - Backend

Location : Hyderabad - Experience : 2 - 6years
Openings: 4

Position Overview :

Are you a coding wizard with a passion for innovation and a knack for turning ideas into reality? Zötok TradeTech is on the lookout for a Backend Developer to join our vibrant team in Hyderabad.

At Zötok, we don't just write code; we conjure up solutions that redefine the future of fintech. If you're ready to unleash your creativity and be part of something truly extraordinary, then read on!

Roles & Responsibilities :

  1. Collaborate with our team of visionaries to design and develop robust backend solutions that power our cutting-edge fintech products.
  2. Take ownership of building scalable, efficient APIs and services that drive seamless communication between our applications and databases.
  3. Embrace the freedom to innovate and experiment, contributing fresh ideas and creative solutions to propel our technology forward.
  4. Dive deep into complex technical challenges, using your expertise to troubleshoot issues, optimize performance, and ensure reliability.
  5. Foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, working closely with cross-functional teams to bring ideas to life and deliver exceptional results.
  6. Stay ahead of the curve by exploring emerging technologies and best practices, continuously expanding your skill set and driving innovation within the team.

Skills and Competencies :

  1. Strong proficiency in Node.js, Loopback, NestJs, RDBMS (MySQL), AWS, Lambda, ECS,
  2. Microservices, and related technologies.
  3. Proficiency in writing efficient and optimized code for high-performance and scalability.
  4. Experience in designing and implementing RESTful APIs and Microservices architecture.
  5. Understanding of software development principles such as SOLID, DRY, and KISS.
  6. Familiarity with cloud computing and experience with deploying applications on AWS.
  7. Experience in implementing and using containerization technologies like Docker.
  8. Understanding of database design and optimization principles.
  9. Ability to collaborate effectively with other developers, designers, and stakeholders.
  10. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  11. Effective communication and documentation skills to clearly articulate technical concepts and ideas.

Why join us?

Join us at Zötok and be part of a team that celebrates diversity, fosters innovation, and empowers you to bring your best ideas to the table. If you're ready to embark on an exciting journey where every day brings new opportunities to make a difference, apply now and let's create something extraordinary together!